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To book PLAB 1, you'll need to set up a GMC Online account. To book PLAB 2, log in to GMC Online. Set up a GMC Online account Log in to GMC Online PLAB examiners. Find out what it's like to be a PLAB examiner and how you go about becoming one. How to become a PLAB examiner for us. The General Medical Council. This guide covers how to prepare for and take the PLAB 1 exam. There are resources and sample questions to help you get ready. We also explain the practicalities, including when and where you can sit it and how to book or cancel a place. The GMC's PLAB fees for doctors. How to pay. When you apply online for registration with a licence to practise or for entry onto the specialist register with a CCT, CESR or CEGPR using GMC Online, you must pay by credit or debit card Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro. If you can't apply online or pay by credit or debit card, please contact us for advice. 24/05/39 · فى التوبيك دة هاوضح ازاى تسجل اكونت على موقع المعادلة البريطانية موقع المجلس الطبى العام بالمملكة المتحدة.

Become a PLAB examiner We’re regularly on the lookout for PLAB part 2 examiners. This guide tells you about the requirements and gives some insight into what it is like to be an examiner. The PLAB test is designed to assess what we expect a doctor entering the second year of their Foundation Programme training would know and be able to do. This includes the professional values and behaviours required of doctors, which are fundamental to delivering excellent care for patients. The General Medical Council. To register with the GMC General Medical Council, you must sit the PLAB Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board test to show you have the skills and knowledge necessary to practise in the UK. Some specialist doctors are automatically entered on to a specialist register, and therefore do not need to sit the PLAB.

امتحان المعادلة البريطانية 'plab' دبلوم عضوية كليات طب الأسنان المشتركة 'mjdf' دبلوم عضوية الكلية الملكية لجراحة الأسنان "mfds" دبلوم طب الأنف والأذن والحنجرة "do-hns". The annual retention fee for GMC registration is £425. This means that we must pay £425 every year to the GMC to retain our licence to practice in the UK. However, there are some conditions under which we can get discounts for this fee. Discounts and Refunds You can apply for GMC registration fee discount or. 12/02/39 · How to setup GMC account for IMGs - PLAB A quick guide for PLAB beginners. Good luck for your exams 👍. How to set up online GMC account for IMGs. General Medical Council 53,227 views. 2. 20/03/41 · How to book my PLAB 1 exam?Where can I get a GMC Reference Number?What do I need to open a GMC Online Account? Now that you have obtained your required score in IELTS/OET, let's move onto bigger and bolder step, PLAB 1.By this time you already should know PLAB 1 takes place twice in a year, March & November, in overseas centers, and four times, March, June, September, & November,.

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